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Software Design Solutions provides consulting services in embedded systems software development, workstation application development, user interface design, and software process improvement.

Companies call on SDS when ...

  • They need to add experienced software engineers to their software development project and need those engineers to be immediately productive and leverage their current staff’s domain expertise.
  • They want to outsource a project that is outside their expertise, allowing their own staff time to focus on core development.

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Our Services

Embedded Application Development

Our customers have leveraged Software Design Solutions’ experience with:
  • ARM M0 through A8
  • Texas Instruments 2000/5000/6000 DSP and OMAP
  • PowerPC and embedded x86
  • 8051, MSP-430, and Arduino microcontrollers
  • WinCE, embedded Linux and bare-board designs
  • In-circuit emulators, cross compilers, and IDEs from various vendors
  • Flash programming and bootloaders

Desktop And Web Application

The team at Software Design Solutions has been building mission-critical application software on the desktop for many years. As more applications become Web enabled and cross-platform, our customers have requested the same level of mission critical expertise on HTML5 web based applications. Customers come to SDS for our experience in:
  • Windows .Net (C#, WinForms, WPF)
  • Win32 and WinCE (Win32 API, MFC, ActiveX and Embedded Visual Studio)
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, JSON, SQL, Oracle
  • Windows, MacOS, and Linux hosted application
Our clients have tapped SDS’s resources for:
  • GUI design
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Test automation and GUI test tooling
  • PC-to-embedded communication
  • Porting, maintenance, and new development

Process Improvement

Engineering managers have leveraged SDS’s Agile Development expertise to raise the level of their own software process, through our assistance with
  • Agile Software Process consulting
  • Continuous Integration and test development
  • Requirements analysis
  • Automated unit, system, and GUI testing
  • Configuration management consulting

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